Friday, April 22, 2011

things that make our life better...

1) appreciate everything we have
2) give a charm for ourself every single day by a smile to our own
3) enjoy what ever we do (never say no before we start to try)
4) don't hate people, cause it will make we hate ourself
5) don't hurt people, cause it hurt our own without we realise it
6) forgive any mistake done by others even they not ask for apology
7) make other people laugh when you feel sad, this will make you happy ( a bit at least)
8) help people and donate once a month ( small amount is ok )
9) be positive most of the time

everything is started with a thought, if you thing negative, you will act negative and will impact your living, vice versa if you thing positive, you will act positive and one step closer heading to a better life.

to be continued....xoxo

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