Saturday, November 21, 2009


KEHILANGAN...semua orang ingin kan sesuatu yang kekal, tapi mustahil kah berlaku? kehidupan pun tak menjanjikn sesuatu yang kekal. yang hidup akan mati, yng muda akan tua, yang bahagia mungkin akan terluka, y terluka mungkin akan bahagia, dan y ada akan hilang. seperti mana aku kehilangan hp express music dan no kesanyangan ku. all happend in one glance. to my dearest 'LOVELY HP' take care of yourself out there. owh HP with the phatatic bear's head, i miss you. i will find another buddy to acompany me, but it will not same as you. we share a lot of moment, when i cyr, laugh, sad, happy you always be there and also wake me up every morning and ensure me will not late. what im gonna do without u...loosing a lovers is enough to make me heartbreak, but loosing you when i'm not ready is really worse. i wish we can have a goodbye moment if you really need to go... u are really precious to me...huhuhu please come back if you can..

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